Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Ultimate Drinking Game that will kill you!

Many moons ago, in a land known as Bethesda, a game was invented that was so indisidous, so horrifying, that no man or woman could hope to come out of it with a shred of dignity or decency to their name. This my friends was the drinking game invented by the devil and christened in the fires of Mount Doom milennia ago.

This game blows Three Man apart, makes Kings look like a game for fancy boys, and makes the Power 10 look like the Wealk 3.5.

Do you dare listen to the tale I weave and dare challenge such a game? If you are a man or think yourself brave enough to partake in this drinking game, then continue reading.

To begin this game, you will need a house or an apartment, somewhere where people live, ya dig? Next, you'll need electricity, its that shit that shocks people and powers things like vibrators and waffle machines. Now, find a television that produces both audio AND visual. Find a dvd player or look for this particular movie on your netflix or On Demand, whatever venue you find most appropriate. Obtain a large amount of beer (You can try to do this game with hard liquor, but more than likely, you would die.)

Now for the most important step, begin playing the movie, "Elmo in Grouchland."

Did I just hear you snicker and giggle? Oh like this is a funny game to you? Well prepare to have your soul shattered!

To play the game, begin watching the movie, open up your beer of choice, and take a drink for every time Elmo says, "Blanket." Rest assured, within 5 minutes you will have drank 13 beers and will be on the floor.

When I awoke from my Elmo induced coma, I woke up next to a cow wearing a sombrero and a 1995 Ford Taurus filled with 32,000 Canadian dollars. I was in Lithuania.

Be warned and enjoy!

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