Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Conan O'Brien has arrived

And I'm glad I was there to see him get his start.

For those not in the know, Conan O'Brien's first show as the host of the Tonight Show was last night and I thought I'd give you a brief analysis of what I thought.

To begin, I have ALWAYS dug Conan O'Brien. He has always been my favorite of the late night talk show hosts. His comedy is right up my alley and in a lot of ways reminds me of myself, except older and somehow lankier.

So when I heard that he was going to take over for Jay Leno as the host for the Tonight Show, I was thrilled. Finally, the man is getting his dues and as Will Ferrel hillariously put it last night, "NO ONE thought you would make it! NO ONE!" It was good to see that a funny skinny Irishman was able to take over the spot of Tonight Show host.

Of course, and I've stated this numerous times to a number of friends, I am not thrilled about Jay Leno's dick move of moving to an hour earlier, thus sort of negating the impact Conan would have as being THE host for NBC. It makes it more seem like "well everything's just moving an hour earlier" rather than the transition from Leno to O'Brien that it should be.

I find Jay Leno's show to be, quite frankly, humorless. I really don't laugh much at most of his material and skits because they're too "safe". They're jokes written for everybody and 9 times out of 10, those jokes blow. With Leno though, he seems to be batting a perfect 10.

So why didn't Leno just roll with the punches and bow out with dignity and respect? Because he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a severe mental problem. That's not even me joking.

At one point in Leno's career as the Tonight Show host, he brought on a psychiatrist to the show, who Jay thought should psychoanalyze him as part of a bit. What the psychiatrist discovered was actually pretty strange and stuck with me for awhile, which is the following:

1.) If no one makes Jay Leno dinner, he will eat frozen hot dogs over a sink, every single time.

2.) If Leno is not wearing a suit, he will wear the exact same outfit every single day, blue jeans and a blue collared shirt.

3.) Leno sleeps in an oxygen tent which he believes grants him sexual powers.

......Ok that last one was a lie but still, the first two are disconcerting. NBC is putting a LOT of faith into Leno as he is taking over the weekday 10 PM slots, and I'm more than certain things won't happen the way they expect them to.

But anyway, on to my review of Conan's first night.

One of the things I was always very nervous about with Conan taking over the Tonight show was that he would be toned down to be more "accepted" by the older crowd. You know, the crowd of humorless fucks who wouldn't know a good joke if it didn't involve making a joke about a jallopy or eating dinner at 4pm in the afternoon. I knew we wouldn't be seeing anymore of this in the near future:

I'll miss that damn bear. The loss of Joel the announcer was also a little rough, but getting Andy Richter back was a nice plus.

But anyway, despite being toned back, how do I feel that Conan did on his first night as host of the Tonight Show? I think he hit it out of the fucking park.

Starting with some good monologue jokes and proceeding to show a filmed skit of Conan leading a tour bus for Universal Studios through the studio, then taking them onto the streets of Hollywood. He then accidentally destroyed the letter "D" of "Hollywood" and proceeded to get a woman pregnant merely with the power of his Ford Taurus' engine, also Fabio showed up.

Will Ferrel was a great choice as the first guest as he and Conan have great chemisty and he's hillarious in most interviews. Pearl Jam put on a great performance as well.

I think overall, you couldn't ask for a better first show and I will continue to watch and support Conan whenever I can.

P.S. Does anyone really find Jimmy Fallon funny? I mean at all?

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  1. Jimmy's show is kind of a train wreck. Maybe Jimmy even has his niche, but he doesn't enunciate. Why did anyone think he'd be a good interviewer?

    Anyway, Conan did a great job and I'm not as convinced that we won't ever see Masturbating Bear. I think Conan knows that if you keep the show's structure traditional, every once in a while you can do a really bizarre piece of comedy without confusing the blue-haired crowd.

    Also, Jay Leno leaves and Entertainment Weekly did a top 14 moments from his Tonight Show tenure. They couldn't even get to 15! And of those, almost all the moments are something a guest did, not a Leno bit (Classic Jay!). Here's the list: http://www.ew.com/ew/gallery/0,,20281343_13,00.html

    Take a close look at that list and you see that only two of those things are even comedy bits - Roseanne doing the monologue and the Dancing Itos. That's just pathetic.