Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fuzz Beed - These Kittens Just Looked into the Dark Abyss That Is Life!

Hey Mr. Grumpy,

So you've begun to realize that your life is nothing but disappointment after disappointment run by a society that punishes the poor and rewards the upper class? That humanity as a whole would rather pay attention to what's going on with the Kardashians than help one another to achieve even the simplest of goals in their lives?

Did you know that the very idea of God is mathematically impossible? When you die, that's it. There probably isn't a heaven and you will cease to exist in any conscious state. You will be remembered for only the briefest of moments, regardless of how monumental the task you achieved in life was.

But wait, what if you become President? Well who gives a shit? Can you even tell me who the 23rd President of the United States was off the top of your head? The average attention span is seven seconds. SEVEN SECONDS. If you think you have made an impact on the world, then you are very mistaken!

Don't worry though, because your favorite tv show is about to come on!.... which you will probably forget by the time you wake up the next morning to go through your daily repetition, losing one precious day at a time through sleepwalk-like monotony.

Also, remember that the country we live in has one of the worst health care systems in history! Should you get injured and need assistance, it will most likely cripple you financially for the rest of your life! Don't even get me started on this if you have student loans to pay off.