Friday, May 15, 2009

My Secret Shame

So I'm a creative person. I think we can all agree on that fact. I've been doing comedy for a few years now. I've been a part of a band that rules the world known as "The Champions". I have even created a graphic novel that has yet to see publication, which I need an artist for and I need to work on my pitch, etc etc. There is one thing however that I have worked on and created that I think will leave my mark on the world. Its something that I created a little while ago that has been evolving and growing in my head as time goes on and the longer it goes, the more intricate it becomes.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am in the process of writing a rock epic musical comedy thing that will last between 90 to 120 minutes.

This rock epic is called, "Thor!"

Let me fill you in on the story behind this. Back in the time when the Champions recorded in the basement of the parents of one Mr. Joseph Gonzalez, we came up with a number of ideas that we thought would be great to record. A few of these included the now legendary: Jacob McGillicuddy, Power Rangers: 15 Years Later, and Now Now Now Three Times!

We were in a brainstorming session outside, smoking cigs and discussing what our next recording should be, as we now had the use of one Adrian K on the guitar. We talked about wouldn't it be funny if three random kids came upon Thor, the God of Thunder! This then morphed into the story of Thor coming down to earth and getting a job in a crappy burger place.

We went inside and proceeded to start playing our instruments, mine being my voice as I supplied the voice of the bellowing Thor. Markian Dobczansky supplied the theme for Thor, which is now burned into my mind. We recorded the track in one take, and I'll never forget the fact that we did a 15 minute song with no screw ups in one take with no rehearsel or script writing, the stars were just aligning that day my friends.

And thus, Thor was born.

Thor yelled at his father Odin, played by Chris Brooks, about how he did not understand "the mortals" and proceeded to go to the unemployment office, destroying the line of people in front of him. He is then assigned to the "Burger Hut" where, in a timid voice (after his hammer is replaced with a spatula), wonders, "What hath become of Thor?"

The song ends with Thor regaling a small boy with the horrifying story of the "Battle of Lokthar" which was appropriate for NO one and Thor finds himself destroying the world after destroying the burger hut and flexing.

The Champions have performed Thor one time live and due to the loss of our bass player, we've had some trouble in recording new material and re performing Thor.

Thus began the writing of what I am hoping will eventually be made into a small play of some kind. "THOR! - The Musical" will follow the same basic story as the original song, with added in characters and scenarios (Two new songs I have written are "My woman be a hammer!" and "Loki unleashes the rape goblins!")

So look for the following to happen in the future from this: I will write this musical and work on performing it with anyone I can find to help out in it in the distant future in an art house or stage that can be cheaply rented or I will continue the search for a band to record this song and help me perform the 15 minute version live.

Regardless, expect to see "Thor!" at some point in time.

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